Our Streets, Our Stories: A Case Study

The Concept


Our Streets, Our Stories is an ongoing oral history project run by the Brooklyn Public Library. The program aims to collect the personal stories of community residents throughout Brooklyn neighborhoods through recorded interviews.

As an Our Streets, Our Stories volunteer responsible for conducting interviews, I initially set out to design a web-based solution for making the audio recording process easier for volunteers such as myself.… Continue Reading »

iSo Tones: A Case Study

iSo Tones is a mobile music app for students, instructors, and music enthusiasts. It isolates and plays back the different layers of a track. The app also allows users to record themselves singing, or playing, whatever a particular layer and send that recording to friends and instructors for feedback.

Initial Research: User Groups

After conducting a competitive analysis of current music apps with similar functions, informal interviews were conducted with users who are active participants in formal music groups.… Continue Reading »

ARTinerary: A Case Study

ARTinerary: A Case Study

ARTinerary is a unique resource for art critics, students, tourists as well as gallery and museum staff that enables the user to create an itinerary of gallery exhibitions from our extensive directory in New York City.  Offering a variety of pathways to search, there is also a discoverability element to ARTinerary through reviews and featured exhibitions.… Continue Reading »

Asking Why: A Conversation with Faith Bolliger

efcf0a9b-20ed-43d9-91a1-7e8e02923886Faith Bolliger is the Head of Service Design at AKQA, a global design agency with offices in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Faith began her career in UX fifteen years ago and, over the years, she has held a variety of in-house and agency positions in both New York City and San Francisco. Faith was kind enough to speak with me recently about her experiences working in UX, the skills she feels young UX designers should have, and some of the opportunities and challenges facing the UX community today.Continue Reading »

From Analog to Digital: A Conversation with Laurie Sadow

LaurieLaurie Sadow is an UX strategist and researcher with over 30 years of experience.  She began her career learning graphic design with a focus on print.  As technology evolved, she learned the UX tools that would allow her to focus on her true passion – optimizing digital channels and products designed for the user to have the best possible interaction

How did you end up at the job you work in today?Continue Reading »